My First Skate Setup

The skateboard is of course any skater’s main tool. Today I’m going to take you through what I decided to add to my very first one I’m using to learn.

Let me start by saying: I’m no expert! I created my skateboard just from watching videos online and listening to what experts online suggested with my budget in mind. I created my setup by buying different pieces online from different shops over a couple of weeks, and this is what I came up with.

First, I chose Black Sheep Store for my wheels as they were the only ones who had the ones I wanted available in store. I went for the BONES STF V5 52MM, which were around £35.

Next, from Route One I got my deck which was the Santa Cruz x Todd Bratrud Silent Stump Skateboard Deck – 8.75″. I saved a little cash and reused some trunks from an old skateboard I had, but I’m planning on changing them as they’re a little small for the deck.

For my bearings, I went for Sushi Firecracker Fives Bearings.

That’s the basics of my board! Now I just need to use it and see how it feels.

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