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how I replaced my Skateboard Trucks

Replacing my skateboard trucks was relative easy. I am posting some s step by step instructions for you to follow. I used a e Phillips head screwdriver for the task.

 Phillips head screwdriver


1. Removing the Nuts

Removing the Nuts

Put the smallest socket of your skateboard tool over one of the nuts on your skateboard trucks. It doesn’t matter which one. Then, put the screwdriver into the screw that is inside that nut. You want both hands on either side of the skateboard, as shown in the photo. Once you have the skate tools in place, hold the screwdriver still while turning the socket wrench, and remove the nuts from the screws. It might feel a little awkward, holding the tools like that, but you should still be able to do it fairly easily.




2.Take Off Trucks

Once all the nuts have been removed, simply take the trucks off the screws.
You’ll end up with a board that looks like the one in the photo, with 8 screws sticking up. Want to remove the screws as well? No problem—read the next step for a quick and easy way to remove skateboard screws.

Take Off Trucks


3.Placing New Trucks on Skateboard

Removing the Nuts
To replace or install your skateboard trucks back on your deck, or to put new skateboard trucks on your skateboard deck, follow these steps: First, set the skateboard trucks over the holes in the skateboard deck.
Next, using your thumb, push the skateboard screws down through the deck and through the holes in the skateboard trucks.
Using your fingers, put the hardware nuts on the ends of the screws, and turn them until you can’t anymore.
Once all the nuts are in place, use your skate tools and tighten the screws the same way you removed them.
You should have your new skateboard trucks freshly installed onto your skateboard deck, and be ready to ride!

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